To the Young and Upcoming LGBT Youth: A Poem

English: Rainbow flag flapping in the wind wit...

English: Rainbow flag flapping in the wind with blue skies and the sun. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve seen you,

sipping coffee on Saturday mornings on the rugged couch symbolically taking in the hot and heated messages of who you should be, digesting it slowly and silently cursing the barista for burning your latte.

I’ve listened to you,

young redheaded bohemian chic blasting music too damn loud on finals week.

I’ve hugged you briefly,

overwhelmed by my compliment on your badass fashion and seeing your eyes light up at the thought of college and all of its possibilities and the acceptance it might hold, somehow proving that the movies and self-help books were right.

I’ve talked with you,

about the perils of being black, young and broke, breathing in your smooth Louisiana accent as you speak perfect French to the African boy who’s newly American.

I’ve snuck out of my parents’ house with you.

I’ve listened to your gossip about muscled lovers, as we lied in the middle of the streets in some godforsaken European country, waiting for cars to cure our numbness.

I’ve cried with you,

I’ve curled your hair and listened to your life stories and confessions of liking two sexes.

I’ve lived with you,

tall, blonde and blue-eyed girl in transition, all fury and naivety and tech goddess.

I’ve had class with you.

I’ve met you on the metro.

I made mud pies with you once, with the homeless man in our trailer park, I’m sure of it.

I’ve passed by you when you were a stranger on my campus.

I’ve listened to your hurt words and commentary on political bullshit.

I’ve watched you give lap dances in crowded rooms while dubstep played in the background.

I’ve worked with you in our psychology class, passing phones back and forth, sharing the latest Game of Thrones gossip.

I’ve listened to your secrets in our old high school library while skipping class.


To the young and upcoming LGBT youth,

There is nothing wrong with you.

Your sexuality is not an issue.

The people who make it an issue are most likely dumb, scared and lonely, I guarantee it.


You are smart.

You are special.

You are beautiful.

You are sassy.

You are incredibly talented.

You are worthy of the goodness life has to offer.

You are human.


And if you’re looking for a reason as to why you are not,


you won’t find it here

3 Responses to “To the Young and Upcoming LGBT Youth: A Poem”
  1. Shawn Bird says:

    A valuable message, well-spoken

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