The Revolution Will Never End. But for Now, Saying Goodbye to Black Feminist Rising

For all of you feminist blog lovers, the title is true, this will be the final post for Black Feminist Rising.

Didn’t you start this blog like three weeks ago? Yes.

Are you renouncing your black feminist ways? Girl, hell no.

Then why are you doing it? Um, a lot of reasons.

Well for one, and this is really the only reason, I got a job and for the best interest of that job, my future employees and bosses, I think it’s best if this blog goes on hiatus for a while. There are some opinions that are better left to small conversations with close friends—which sucks that loving feminism and black culture has to be a part of that.

I had a lot of hopes for this blog! During the late summer I was going to start adding guest content on issues that other people wanted to talk about—kind of like a badass mix between Jezebel, Huffington Post and Thought Catalog.

I have about 20 blog posts in draft right now. I was going to cover issues like virginity, sexual assault, racism, politics and cultural identity. But I guess I’ll write about these issues this time next spring—when my job will be over.

If there’s anything I want the internet world, or the small amount of people who read this blog to know—it’s that feminism isn’t a bad word. If you love the positive progression of women and equality—than you’re a damn feminist. Get over it. And if feminism is a four letter word than it’s a damn sexy one—so embrace it. Also, every minority in this country still has a long way to go, and just because racism and sexism isn’t all up in your face doesn’t mean it’s gone. Ugly doesn’t always wear the same mask.

So yeah, my second year of college was a bit crazy. I almost got sued for libel, had an awkward moment with a guy friend, started a blog, spread the love of feminism and black culture, liked someone who’s literally like a Rubik’s cube, embraced the fact that I’m that girl who only occasionally pays her bills on time and other stuff that’s not particularly in that order.

Just imagine how crazy my third year of college will be?

I want you to know that change doesn’t always start on the streets of Florida with SlutWalks or some black feminist blog on WordPress. Change isn’t, and is rarely ever, a singular movement. Change is a group movement—even though it may start in the hearts of few- that begins with awareness, understanding, evaluation and modifying our own behavior for the change we want to happen.

You’re a sexy revolutionary thing and no one can take that away from you. Embrace you’re differences and wear them with pride—and no one can ever use them against you—in the paraphrased words of Tyrion Lannister.

Move forward. The world will follow.


Black Feminist Rising

2 Responses to “The Revolution Will Never End. But for Now, Saying Goodbye to Black Feminist Rising”
  1. Good luck with the summer job & thank you for sharing your thoughts & feelings that I am unlikely to meet up with often at Ft Wainwright! Your fellow Fairbanksian for now, Patricia

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