My Feminist Life in GIFS

9th year when my mom said I should probably start shaving my legs

Freshmen year of college at a crazy Halloween party when I was talking about the under-reported rapes on campus, and how the school newspaper should do more coverage of it. The guy I was talking to said that only women would read it, so nothing would change. Also that rape is not under-reported.

When a guy in Sociology 100x said a slightly misogynistic comment about women and I didn’t raise my hand to politely scream at him.

When I got hooked on HBO’s “Girls” at the end of sophomore year

…but halfway through the 2nd season I was like…

When most of my male coworkers say they’re a feminist

During my Psychology of Women’s class sophomore year, when people would make arguments against women’s rights

When I’d argue against them and win

Late nights of hanging out with friends and me talking about the perils of being black, young and broke. And my friends being like, “I don’t understand.” And I’m like…

When I write the word vagina repeatedly in my blog post

When people write to me saying it makes them feel uncomfortable

When I tell people about my awesome feminist blog that no one reads and they’re like, “that’s not surprising, feminism isn’t really needed anymore. It’s kind of a 60s thing, ya know?”

2 Responses to “My Feminist Life in GIFS”
  1. Hi. I am an old, white, middle-class feminist woman working in Fairbanks at present. I am happy to find your blog. It is a fun challenge to explore the current cultural references but mostly it warms my feminist heart. My teen daughter is studying the women’s movement as history and doesn’t realize that my friends and I lived part of it. That’s life! Thanks for having this blog public and keeping it moving forward.

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