When You Decide to Love Me, Love Me Like You Love Your Coffee

Description: Coffee cortado (An latte art exam...Love me strong and love me weak.

Love me bitter and love me sweet.

Love my cliche litanies that are drawn in the foam of your lattes like delicate leaves or smooth artsy hearts.

Love me for my serenity.

Understand that nothing of me is original and that everything is created.

Drink me in the morning and drink me in the evening.

Talk about your business plans with me in small hipster coffee shops in small hipster towns.

Understand that I am not perfect and that I will only half listen to your stories.

If you can’t accept that, add more sugar and cream to my life.

Don’t try to change me. It won’t work out.

During freshmen year of college, have your account go negative and switch to Black.

Fall in love with diversity. Fall in love with originality. Fall in love with the classics.

Tell me you love me raw.

Accept the world’s bitterness and understand that I am no different.

Fall in love with my indifference.

And when you find God–because everyone eventually finds God–swear me off during Lent. For those six weeks of sworn obedience, drink me in the evenings.

Learn to question authority.

Understand that with me, the rules will always be broken.

And when we have disagreements, be gentle with me–I can only exist within the fragile boundaries life has poured me in.

Accept this early on, while our relationship is still brewing in the smooth delicate warmness of first love.

Junior year of college, sit outside of your local corporate grocery store and sip a grande white chocolate mocha.

Question the ridiculousness of corporate coffee shops.

Question the ethics of drinking coffee made from coffee beans picked in countries where innocent people die at the expense of your $3.75 16 oz. chai latte.

Question everything.

Marvel at how love can be so bitter and sweet.

Understand that nothing worth having is free.

Question nothing.

Never tell me you love me.

Casually run into me at a house party, at work, at school, at the doctor’s office and during late evenings when writing 10-page essays sounds like a nice idea–see me on the same aisle every single time you go to the grocery store. Talk to me sometimes.

Find the courage to ask me out.

Fall in likes with me.

Realize that you can’t live without me.

And when you decide to love me, love me like you love your coffee.

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