My Feminist Life in GIFS: Visiting Family and Studying Abroad


How my Nana feels about my Black Feminist blog.


While at a Stevie Wonder concert, Stevie gives a speech saying that a world without equal rights for people of color and women, is not a just world–I was in the crowd like,


When returning from said concert and while on the bus back to the U, my Canadian friend gives the most epic drunk feminist speech ever!

…but the passengers were like…


When my French professor explains the cultural difference in Quebec in terms of restaurant service and says, “Québec est très feministe!”


When my Canadian classmate tells me he knows I’m American because of my accent.

But then he adds, “yeah, you act like a Black American too.” And then criticizes the United States for its issues with race.


When I tell my classmates in broken French that one of my hobbies includes writing a feminist blog, some are like…

…but really most are just like…

But in my head I’m like…

3 Responses to “My Feminist Life in GIFS: Visiting Family and Studying Abroad”
  1. Elika says:

    The Tina Fey hipster nonsese GIF is, like, pure gold.

  2. NaturalWoman says:

    Ha ha, so brilliant!

  3. Julia says:

    Hahaha, oh Lakeidra, you are so funny. My Friday-fried brain probably just spent way too much time watching the short animated clips =P

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