Nerd.Vomit: 12 Years a Slave

[WARNING: This review features minor plot spoilers] 12 Years a Slave, 2013 Writer: Solomon Northup Director:┬áSteve McQueen The critically-acclaimed bio-epic “12 Years a Slave,” hit theatres early October. If the title doesn’t clue you in, here’s the premise: Solomon Northup, a carpenter and musician in New York, is drugged, kidnapped and sold into slavery for … Continue reading

My Feminist Life in GIFS: Feminist Documentaries

[Potential Spoilers for Pride and Prejudice, Hunger Games Trilogy, Disney’s Kim Possible and 10 Things I Hate About You] — Sometimes, my Netflix recommendations look like this: Yes, I do watch Phineas & Ferb. But in other, more important news, I like to watch a lot of documentaries, and go figure–I sometimes, a lot of … Continue reading

Limited Time Offer: Mass Profit and Exchange of the “Real Indian”

A few weeks ago I ran across a blog about Native appropriation. One post specifically talks about how racist it is to dress up as Native Americans for Halloween. And I know what you’re thinking, so what? It’s December. And here’s what I’m going to tell you: read this anyway. I remember watching Disney’s Pocahontas … Continue reading