Shattered Frames: The truth (but mostly lies) about masculinity

From a young age, we are taught that there is a difference between what boys and girls do. Studies have shown that teachers are more likely to compliment girls on their looks and manners, whiles boys are more likely to be complimented on their assertiveness and getting answers correct. Mothers are more likely to reinforce … Continue reading

Where the World is White & Privileged: Being Black in Alaska

There is freedom in living in a place where the worst thing to be, isn’t being Black. In Alaska, less than 3.6 percent of Blacks make up the state’s entire population. At my college, Blacks are less than 2 percent. The largest minority group here is Alaska Natives–making up approximately 15 percent of the population. … Continue reading

Brad Paisley’s “Accidental Racist” is Not Racist, Not Even Accidentally

So, anyone who has Yahoo! as their homepage has seen the article about Brad Paisley’s song “Accidental Racist.” It’s literally been all over the Internet like nobody’s business. The single features famous and long-time rapper LL Cool J. The song is from Paisley’s recently released eighth album, “Wheelhouse.” According to, Paisley said a lot … Continue reading

To the Young and Upcoming LGBT Youth: A Poem

I’ve seen you, sipping coffee on Saturday mornings on the rugged couch symbolically taking in the hot and heated messages of who you should be, digesting it slowly and silently cursing the barista for burning your latte. I’ve listened to you, young redheaded bohemian chic blasting music too damn loud on finals week. I’ve hugged … Continue reading

I’d like to Call Bullshit on Proposition 8 for $300, please?

Same-sex marriage isn’t a feminist issue. Same-sex marriage isn’t a racial issue. Same-sex marriage isn’t an economic issue. Same-sex marriage is a human issue. If you’re against gay marriage than you’re against someone’s constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness. And if being gay is a sin, than I’m totally going to hell for stealing … Continue reading