When You Decide to Love Me, Love Me Like You Love Your Coffee

Love me strong and love me weak. Love me bitter and love me sweet. Love my cliche litanies that are drawn in the foam of your lattes like delicate leaves or smooth artsy hearts. Love me for my serenity. Understand that nothing of me is original and that everything is created. Drink me in the … Continue reading

If You Date a Girl, Make Sure She’s Not a Feminist

Lakeidra Chavis If you date a girl, make sure she’s not a feminist. Meet her at a whatsitsname rock concert. Afterward, find someplace, any place, and have sex. Don’t call her the next day. Call her the following week. Go on a few coffee dates. Nervously reveal to her how you didn’t really like the … Continue reading

To the Young and Upcoming LGBT Youth: A Poem

I’ve seen you, sipping coffee on Saturday mornings on the rugged couch symbolically taking in the hot and heated messages of who you should be, digesting it slowly and silently cursing the barista for burning your latte. I’ve listened to you, young redheaded bohemian chic blasting music too damn loud on finals week. I’ve hugged … Continue reading