My Feminist Life in GIFS: The only Black girl in class

1.) When returning back from my summer vacation and visiting my neighbor, and I’m like: But then he stops me before I leave and says, “so what do you think about the whole Trayvon Martin thing?” And I’m like: 2.) Roomate: OMGSH! I have a video to show you! I think you might really like … Continue reading

My Feminist Life in GIFS: Visiting Family and Studying Abroad

0. How my Nana feels about my Black Feminist blog. 1. While at a Stevie Wonder concert, Stevie gives a speech saying that a world without equal rights for people of color and women, is not a just world–I was in the crowd like, 2. When returning from said concert and while on the bus … Continue reading

Am I a Feminist or a Womanist?

    I’m trying to think of the first I time I was like, “man, I totally want to be a feminist.”     I can’t remember. Sorry, bro. I remember sophomore year high school when I was like, “I’m totally not a feminist, I’m a womanist because I’m for equality for both men and … Continue reading

Nerd.Vomit: Feminism & Firefly

(This post is a part of my Nerd.Vomit series, which will analyze popular television shows from a feminist perspective and analyze the portrayal of female characters in terms of character development and plot device.) **SPOILER ALERT**((seriously, don’t read this and then leave angry comments like you didn’t know. I put asterisks so my warning’s legit.)) Firefly, 2002 Writer & … Continue reading

My Feminist Life in GIFS

9th year when my mom said I should probably start shaving my legs Freshmen year of college at a crazy Halloween party when I was talking about the under-reported rapes on campus, and how the school newspaper should do more coverage of it. The guy I was talking to said that only women would read it, so nothing would change. Also that … Continue reading

If You Date a Girl, Make Sure She’s Not a Feminist

Lakeidra Chavis If you date a girl, make sure she’s not a feminist. Meet her at a whatsitsname rock concert. Afterward, find someplace, any place, and have sex. Don’t call her the next day. Call her the following week. Go on a few coffee dates. Nervously reveal to her how you didn’t really like the … Continue reading